Hole in One
If you are a Member and lucky enough to have a Hole in One, here is the Hole-in-one Guide for players and bar staff 


Background:  All playing members pay a small insurance premium to help cover the cost of shouting fellow golfers to celebrate achievement of a hole-in-one. 


Conditions:  The hole-in-one must be achieved by a playing member of the Waikanae Golf Club when it is the intention of the player to play a full round, or in the case of 9-holers, a full 9 hole round even though the round may not be completed. The hole-in-one must be achieved on the Waikanae Golf Course.  The player’s card must be signed by the player and the marker who is playing with the achiever. 


  • hole-in-one trophy
  • Your name recorded on the honours board in the Clubhouse 
  • hole-in-one badge  
To receive the above entitlements, the player must present their card to and inform the Office Manager of the achievement and leave the ball that was used (for purposes of mounting). 
  • Financial assistance to help the lucky golfer celebrate with their fellow golfers in the Waikanae Golf Clubhouse bar on the day of the achievement:
    • The player must be present for the shout. 
    • The player must advise the barperson of the event and advise how they wish to manage the “shout”. 
    • The “shout” entitlement is to consist of the cost of a standard drink towards patrons’ drinks of choice, once only each, for as many as are currently in the Clubhouse while the member is present.
    • Those whose drink of choice costs more than a standard drink will be required to pay the difference. 
    • Those whose drink costs less than a standard drink will not be entitled to credit, or to change.  
The player may of course choose to cover additional costs. The Duty Bar Person may run a tab up to the entitled amount (for later reimbursement by the Club) after which the player must meet any additional costs. 





  1. WGC Member getting a hole-in-one at another Club – WGC will pay $50 towards that members shout; receipts of a shout must be shown before the $50 will be paid. 
  2. Players from other Clubs must pay for their shout but should receive a receipt so they can claim at their Home Club.  
  3. Country Members will have their names added to the Honours Board, but it is their Home Club’s responsibility to provide any other benefits.
  4. In the event the bar is closed the shout may be transferred to a mutually agreed future date in consultation with Club management.